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Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Posted By on Jan 8, 2014 in Fearless | 0 comments

WOW!  Marijuana is Legal in Colorado… and it really has little to do with Marijuana. Marijuana is a surface issue. Everything I write, is about awareness.  Whatever dysfunction you are aware of on a social level, know it is a sum of its parts. In my first conversation about marijuana, I remember berating the use of the weed when I was in High School.  A friend of mine chimed in … “Don’t knock it ’til you...

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Posted By on Jan 1, 2014 in Fearless | 0 comments

Drones Happy New Year!   What do drones have to do with you and meditation?   The drones are a cultural thing. The drones are to our culture, as fearful thoughts are to our mind. It’s time for New Years resolutions!  What is your resolution?  To live without fear? We currently use drones on foreign soil to execute perceived threats.  This week drones were approved by the FAA for test use in 6 states.  A year ago the governor of...

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